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My dog doesn’t like the food, do you have any tips?

Written 5 months ago
We're sorry to hear that your dog hasn’t taken to the food. We have come across this before and happily helped these owners to make the switch. 

We know some dogs can take some time adjusting to any changes in their diet, so it’s worth persevering. We've got lots of tips to help your dog switch a raw diet in our RAWPLICITY Guide that you can download here

Here are some quick tips:

  • Add melted goats butter or grate over a little cheese on our raw food
  • Try a tin of sardines in oil, pouring a little oil onto the food or mashing a small amount of sardine into it
  • Brown the meat to bring out the natural caramelisation. As our food contains bone and we don’t you to harden it, you need to get your frying pan really hot and flash fry the meat for less than 10 seconds. Use some water instead of oil to stop it from sticking
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