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What do I do if my dog won't eat raw food? Do you have tips to help switch my dog to raw?

Updated 5 months ago
The majority of dogs will switch effortlessly to a 100% raw diet, but in the exception that yours doesn’t and you want to make a full switch, there are things you can do to help encourage them. For example, you could add a little something they really like such as tinned mackerel to bring out a fishy aroma, then gradually reduce the quantity as your dog becomes accustomed to their new raw food.

Raw feeding can be flexible, although a 100% switch to raw food would be best for their health, you can always add an occassional boost of nutrients to wet/dry food by swapping out 2 Tablespoon of wet/dry food for 1 Tablespoon of our wholesome food. After all, any nutrients are better than none. 

Read here for more tips for a successful full or gradual switch. 
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