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Health benefits of raw food

Updated 5 months ago
Poppy’s Picnic raw food can help with many common health issues. Most degenerative diseases in humans are the direct result of a bad diet of processed foods, and our dogs are no different.  

 Poppy's Picnic raw food can help with:

Weight-obesity or underweight issues
Our products are high in good proteins and low in carbohydrate unlike dry dog biscuits or wet food. This means on a raw dog food diet, overweight dogs will lose weight and underweight dogs will gain healthy muscle mass

We do not add anything artificial to our recipes, as a result, you should find that your dog stops reacting to food or environmental allergies. As most pet parents will know, allergies can often cause behavioural problems, so having no allergies should equal to calmer dogs

Poppy’s Picnic raw food is full of essential nutrients so you will soon find that your previously lethargic dog that was fed on dry or wet food, has a new found more energy. They will also find more enjoyment in eating their food, so they’ll be happier all round - and wagging their tails all day!

Bad breath and body odour
With the introduction of raw food into your dog's diet, their whole body chemistry will change, meaning an improvement in their breath and no more of that ‘doggie’ smell

Autoimmune conditions (e.g. arthritis, painful joints etc.) 
It is felt by many canine experts and nutritionists that most degenerative diseases our dogs suffer from are a direct consequence of a lifetime of being fed processed foods. Our raw meals provide the necessary nutrients that will strengthen your dog's immune system meaning arthritic conditions and painful joints will improve.

Dull coat
A raw dog food diet will result in a glossier, shinier and silkier coat for your dogs and their skin quality will also improve.

Poppy's Picnic is a healthier way to feed, and your dog will thank you for it!
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