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My dog needs to lose weight - how much should I feed?

Updated 1 year ago
One of the many benefits of feeding raw food is that the diet is lower in calories than commercial dry or wet dog food. Overweight dogs will soon drop to their optimal weight after switching to a raw food diet because feeding a Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet resets an overweight dog's metabolism making their body absorb all the wonderful nutrients more efficiently.

It's important to note that if you choose to feed raw occasionally, then this process will take longer. 

As with humans, the key to reducing your dog's weight would be feeding less and doing more exercise. Here's our advice:
  • For the first the week, feed your dog at 2% of their current body weight. We suggest this amount because we don't want to stress your dog when reducing their daily food intake
  • Following this, reduce down to 1.75% (you can go as low as 1.5%) to allow the weight to gradually reduce
  • Once you are happy with the reduction and your dog is at a healthy weight, re-weigh them and feed 2% of this new weight to stabilise and maintain

This may seem like a lot of figures and percentages, but stick with it and it will work!

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