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Is it safe for me to mix raw food with dry or canned food?

Updated 5 months ago
Yes! There is currently no peer reviewed evidence to show that adding raw foods to commercially produced dry or wet food will cause any issue to a dog’s stomach PH, or digestion rate, so both can be consumed together. 

Our products are easy to feed and a breeze to fit into your lifestyle. Simply introduce an occasional boost of nutrients with our tasty Poppy’s Picnic Meatballs – super convenient, and easy to add to any bowl of food. 

You can use our raw food to supplement your dog’s dry or wet diet by simply reducing some of their regular meal to allow for the nutritious raw food. Just replace two tablespoons of dry or wet food with 1 Meatball and repeat to feed as many Meatballs as you like! Our raw food is nutritionally superior to most dry or wet foods so less is needed. After all, we believe any nutrients are better than none!

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