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What are the health benefits of the ENHANCED range?

Alia Zuhri
Updated 3 months ago
The quality meat, bone, offal and vegetables we use in our ENHANCED range are great for optimised nutrition. But for extra oomph, our team of experts have come up with the perfect combination of botanicals - herbs, berries and seeds - to offer all the benefits that you might add to your dog's standard food as supplements. 

Here we tell you about each and every one and how they are protecting your pet:


  • Being one of the most nutritious seeds in the world, our experts had no trouble in including hemp seeds in the ENHANCED recipe. Your dogs will maintain better joint health as they help reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Plus, you will see rising significance in their energy levels
  • Renowned for centuries for its huge benefits to the digestive system, turmeric is amazing for its powerful anti-inflammatory powers as it can alleviate joint pain. Plus it acts as a general circulation stimulant as well
  • Celery seeds are wonderful for so many things, but mainly they promote good joint health for your pooch. They are also rich in potassium which has a calming effect on the digestive system and supports the overall renal health
  • Another star of the show is rosehip. We know how rich it is in vitamin C which can be a natural support to your pet’s immune system, and also to reduce pain and tissue damage within their joints
  • We are also excited to introduce sesame oil as it is an all natural antibacterial and has healing properties. It can alleviate dry skin ailments, promote healing of cuts and scrapes and of course help your dog’s joints retain flexibility

The ENHANCED range also contains superfoods which enhances (see what we did there!) and protect your dog’s immune system. Here are some examples:

  • Echinacea works wonders for our furry friends, especially in tackling any problems with immune imbalance. We included echinacea as it can reduce many symptoms of bacterial infections
  • Rich in omega-3, flaxseed oil is amazing at promoting healthier heart function, calmer moods and decreased inflammation. It also helps condition your dog's skin and fur to make sure they always look and feel rejuvenated
  • We can keep going about turmeric powder all day because it’s one of the key ingredients of the ENHANCED range. It is useful in aiding digestion and also protects your dog’s liver function
  • Packed with nutrients, vitamins and essential amino acids, spirulina is excellent in protecting the immune system and in warding off inflammations in your dog’s body
  • Coconut oil is not only great for humans, it also has great health potential for dogs! It contains a lot of antioxidants which help fight all those nasty viruses and helpful in the treatment of skin conditions

Another huge benefit of the ingredients we picked for our ENHANCED Mince is that it’s great for building strength and power such as: 

  • Fennel seeds are important for maintaining good bone structure and improving your dog’s strength. It’s great for helping the metabolism and promoting a healthy, regular digestive tract
  • Elderberry is excellent for its antioxidant activity and can help to lower cholesterol and alleviate viral or bacterial infections in your pet
  • Besides helping maintaining good coat and skin, hemp seeds are super nutritious in the way that they improve and sustain your best friend’s strength and stamina all at the same time

  • Known as the ‘mother of gut’, chamomile is a super herb that can relieve anxiety and promote settling at night because of its calming effects. If it can help us busy humans to sleep a few more good hours at night, it can certainly help your dogs too
  • Milk thistle is awesome at promoting bile creation in support of digestion, especially the absorption of dietary fats. Also, they contain powerful antioxidants which can offer support and protection to both the liver and kidney functions of your dog
  • Containing vitamins A, C and E, iron and magnesium, wheatgrass is an excellent immunity booster and having enough of it will help stimulate your dog’s metabolism rate and thyroid function
  • Dandelion is not just great for the liver, it’s also a major support for the gallbladder and pancreas which means that overall, it has many additional benefits in promoting the good bugs in your pet’s digestive system
We absolutely love hawthorn berries as they alleviate any symptoms associated with heart problems and aid poor digestion too
Enhanced ingredients mean enhanced benefits. It's why we call it ENHANCED!

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