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How do I feed bones?

Updated 5 months ago
If they are raw, yes - absolutely! 

Raw bones are high in moisture content, softer, flexible and very easily digested – while cooked bones are low in moisture and can easily split or cause choking. 

Raw meaty bones should be an integral part of your dog's raw food diet because they contain nutrients such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin, the Omega essential fatty acids and calcium, phosphorus and bone building minerals such as magnesium, all in perfect quantities. We don't use weight bearing bones so our raw bones are safe to chew and are great for cleaning your dog's teeth.

Why not try our Tasty Beef Marrow Bones? They are about the size of a small clenched fist and are great for dental hygiene and preventing the build up of plaque. They also add an extra texture for your dog to eat and explore so let them enjoy! We do not recommend feeding our marrow bones for puppies below 10 months old. Our marrow bones last 24 months in the freezer.

Remember! NEVER feed your dog cooked bones as they can splinter which can cause choking and harm your dog's internal organs when swallowing.
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