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Does my fresh food arrive frozen?

Updated 5 months ago
Poppy's Picnic raw dog food is handmade in the heart of Wiltshire by 4th generation butchers, neatly prepared in small batches. It is packaged, frozen for freshness, and delivered to your door. We’ve frozen it for you for freshness, but this process also eliminates any parasites and bad bugs. Once delivered, our frozen Meatballs and Mince meals can last up to a year in your freezer at home.

Our raw dog food is packed in an insulated courier box to keep the food frozen up to 48 hours for delivery. 

Do not worry if your packs arrive slightly defrosted, if they still have ice crystals or are cold to the touch, these are perfectly fine to be popped straight into the freezer. On the rare occasion that a pack might arrive fully defrosted (this can sometimes occur in very hot weather) it should be placed in the refrigerator and consumed first. 
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